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Welcome to MagmaCraft!

The #1 multiworld server where We have a range of worlds from Survival To Creative To Survival Games and many many more.

We have a fully functional shop and town where you can buy a plot of land with the money you earn.

Here are a list of features we hope you will enjoy:








▲Survival Games

▲King Of The Ladder

 Earn Money By Killing Mobs

And many many more...

So why should you join MagmaCraft?


■We have great customer support. You can email or ask for in-game help.


■We reward people with good attitudes. We don't stand for cheaters or beggars.


■We don't op anyone. Donate for ranks and unlocks!


■We have a safe popular community where everyone is respected.


So what's stopping you? Join Today and become the most powerful player in the world of MagmaCraft!

We hope to see you on the server,

Best of luck,

The MagmaCraft team.


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